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AMD Ryzen 7000 is off to a slow start, Zen 4 sales are not good

The big picture: As you know, AMD launched their new Zen 4, Ryzen 7000 processors about two weeks ago now and hopefully you've all seen our reviews of the four models. There are a number of strengths to these new parts, including performance -- however, AMD is facing a bit of a hurdle since their introduction, and that is convincing people to actually buy them.
nvidia rtx

Nvidia RTX Titan Ada reportedly canceled after it melted PSUs, tripped breakers

Rumors claim the card itself was occasionally melting
Rumor mill: The God-level RTX 4090 Ti or Lovelace Titan many have been expecting has reportedly been put on hold by Nvidia because it was tripping breakers, melting PSUs and occasionally dissolving. It's believed that when (if) it does arrive, the card might be one of the first to pack GDDR7 memory.
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