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silicon photonics fiber optics petabits per second

Silicon Photonics: 1.84 petabits per second sent through a single photonic chip/fiber optic cable combo

A new transfer record has been achieved using a single fiber optic cable
Forward-looking: Scientists from Copenhagen were able to transfer twice the size of everyday's Internet traffic through a single fiber optic cable, an unprecedented feat that could bring silicon photonics one step closer to reality with massive improvements for everyone.
internet undersea cable fiber optics russia

Damaged European undersea cables impact internet connectivity worldwide

Why it matters: Multiple undersea cables in the south of France were cut overnight, making Internet access unreliable globally. Engineers fixed one broken link, and investigations are still ongoing. Fingers have been pointed at Russian submarines because of the Ukraine conflict, but investigators have not yet found any evidence supporting this assumption.
moore youtube asic

YouTube ends trial that restricted 4K content to its Premium subscription service

What has Google decided?
In context: YouTube's controversial experiment in which it restricted 4K content to its $12-per-month Premium service has come to an end. What conclusion Google drew from the test is unknown—it appears to be still gathering feedback–so there's no guarantee the resolution will remain accessible on the platform indefinitely.
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