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onlyfans adult content women

OnlyFans wants to drop 'adult content site' image, says it supports UK Online Safety Bill

How many people subscribe to OnlyFans for its cookery shows?
In context: Look up OnlyFans on Wikipedia, and you'll find it's defined as an internet content subscription service—a description that could be applied to a site such as Patreon—but few people visit OF for the purpose of listening to podcasts. Yet despite users spending $3.9 billion on the platform in 2021, it wants to move away from its image as a paid-for porn site, just as its home country of the UK looks to finalize the Online Safety Bill.
youtube streaming podcasts

YouTube starts asking users to subscribe to Premium for 4K videos

Would you subscribe to its Premium service for 4K?
WTF?! It might sound like a terrible idea, but YouTube could start charging users who want to watch videos on the platform in 4K, making the resolution exclusive to its $12-per-month Premium service. There's no confirmation that owner Google will go down this route as it could only be a test to gauge reaction, though such a move would obviously cause a lot of anger from creators and viewers alike.
amazon prime sales prime day

Amazon confirms a Prime Day-style sales event will take place next month

Will the Prime Early Access Sale be a success?
In brief: Amazon has confirmed reports from earlier this year by announcing that the platform's second major shopping event will take place on October 11 and October 12. The two-day sale will offer plenty of discounts for Prime Members and run in 15 countries, including the US.
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