Nintendo announced yesterday that its next-gen game console will launch in Japan on December 8, with a basic and deluxe console available from 26,250 yen. Today, the company revealed that the US will receive the Wii U even earlier, as the system is set to hit shelves on November 18. 

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed in a pre-recorded video streamed online yesterday that both consoles will have 2GB of RAM, which will be split in half for game memory and system memory. Games will load from a proprietary optical disc that can store up to 25GB of data and read at 22.5MB/s. It will consume a maximum of 75W, though Iwata said the average power consumption is around 40W.

Two versions will be available: the basic model in white will cost 26,250 yen in Japan and $299.99 in the US, while the deluxe in black will cost 31,500 yen and $349.99. Aside from the difference in color, both share the same hardware and only differ in storage -- the basic has 8GB and the deluxe has 32GB. The cheaper console comes bundled with a Wii U Gamepad, AC adapter and HDMI lead, while the pricier unit adds NintendoLand, a console stand, and a GamePad charging cradle.

The 6.2-inch touchscreen GamePad controllers will available to purchase separately complete with AC adapters, as will the two stands that ship with the deluxe model. Those that prefer to use traditional gamepads can purchase the Xbox 360-style Wii U Pro Controller or even reuse existing Wii Remotes and Nunchuks with the new console.

Two games were revealed during yesterday's announcement, New Super Mario Bros. priced at 5,985 yen and Nintendo Land for 4,935 yen. The press event this morning revealed more titles, including 007 Legends, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, NBA 2013, Wipeout 3 and more.

Nintendo also unveiled TVii, which is said to be "the most different non-gaming initiative Nintendo has ever introduced." Using the GamePad, users will be able to scan TV listings from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime in addition to their DVR and live TV. Users can customize their view lists by adding favorite shows and they can even watch trailers. Nintendo TVii will be available in Canada and the US at no additional cost.