The iPhone turns 10 this year, and it's been widely speculated even before the release of the iPhone 7 that the tenth anniversary iPhone would be something special. That's why the iPhone 7 was only an evolutionary step for the series, and the third consecutive model on the same design as the two-year-old iPhone 6.

Come October, it's rumored Apple will show three new iPhones. One will be the top end model sporting a 5.8-inch OLED screen and a price tag closer to $1,000, while the other two will be updates to the current line. Some are calling that supercharged OLED handset the "iPhone X." No one really knows, but make no mistake, the iPhone is by far the company's most important product.

Samsung users and Android fans in general like to call it a bit differently. Apple will be playing catch up (not the first time) to many features already available in last year's flagship Galaxy phones. The iPhone just received the waterproofing treatment on its last iteration, the Galaxy got that back in 2014, and Sony phones have had it for even longer.

Nothing more than a fan render, of course

Business Insider has gone as far as saying Apple is turning the iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy phone. We've heard most of the information below, but you can call this double confirmation from two credible sources. The latest rumors stem from a new WSJ report:

Curved OLED The iPhone 8 is expected to be the first to feature an OLED panel, and a curved one at that. It's believed that the higher-end panel will be reserved exclusively for the premium "iPhone X." Samsung is supplying the panels to Apple.

No Home Button The edge-to-edge design in the iPhone 8 will see the Home button and Touch ID sensor replaced with a "function area" made up of virtual buttons. The Galaxy S8 coming out in April is expected to do the same.

Wireless Charging Several phones have offered wireless charging at one point. The Nokia Lumia family, the older Nexus phones before Google dropped it, and the most mainstream of all, the Galaxy series have had it for 2+ generations now. The iPhone 8 is said to use a new all-glass casing compatible with wireless charging. Not coincidentally Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium recently.

USB-C Ditching the Lightning connector in favor of the standard USB-C port, would make sense considering all latest MacBooks predominantly use that port for connectivity and charging. Albeit a very un-Apple move, I'm sure even Apple fans would applaud this, if true.