Five days after the company placed him on a leave of absence amid allegations he sexually harassed a female producer, head of Amazon Studios Roy Price resigned yesterday. The studio's chief operating officer, Albert Cheng, will take over Price's role on an interim basis.

Amazon suspended Price after Man in the High Castle producer Isa Hackett gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which she talked about the "shocking and surreal" experience he put her through.

Hackett, who is the daughter of late legendary science fiction author and Man in the High Castle writer Philip K. Dick, said Price repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances toward her following the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015.

Hackett had previously declined to give specifics about the incident as she didn't want "to distract or deflate the energies of all the people who are so invested in these shows," but felt compelled to speak out following the Harvey Weinstein revelations.

Amazon hired a private investigator to look into the incident after it was brought to the company's attention, but Hackett said she was never informed of the inquiry's outcome.

On the same day that the Hollywood Reporter article was published, actress Rose McGowan tweeted that Price didn't listen to her claims that Weinstein raped her. Price brought him onboard for a producer role on one of her shows, and Amazon Studios won what McGowan called "a dirty Oscar."

Amazon said it was reviewing its options for the projects it had with The Weinstein Co. On Friday, it cut ties with the production company.

Harvey Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex. He is currently being treated in an Arizona rehab facility for sex addiction.

Yesterday, Amanda Segel, an executive producer for the now-canceled Mist TV series, claimed that Harvey's brother Bob Weinstein made unwanted advances toward her when she worked at the Weinstein company last year.