Through the looking glass: In the absence of an explanation from Lenovo, this seems like one of the most blatant examples yet of a foldable device lacking practicality or utility. Just because it can fold doesn't necessarily mean it should fold if it serves no purpose.

Samsung and Huawei have taken an early lead in the foldable smartphone race but the competition isn't sitting idly on the sidelines. Motorola is reportedly working on a reimagined version of its popular Razr phone and based on a recent patent, parent company Lenovo looks to be working on something as well.

LetsGoDigital recently commissioned a graphic artist to develop 3D renders of the device.

The images are based on a design patent registered last September with the World Intellectual Property Office.

What's depicted is a clamshell-style phone that, when folded out, doesn't look much different than your ordinary candy bar style handset. A sizable hinge on the lower half of the phone, however, allows it to fold at different points. This means you can partially fold the phone and still use some of the main screen or fold it further to cover most of the display.

ZTE and Oppo have also been linked to similar folding phone patents in recent memory.

As always, keep in mind that this is little more than a patent at this stage. There's no guarantee that a product resembling these renders will make it to market.

All images courtesy LetsGoDigital