WTF?! When most people look at Cooler Master's thermal paste tubes, they see a simple, essential product that will help their system run properly. However, according to Cooler Master, some individuals – parents, specifically – see something quite different. The company recently changed the shape of its classic thermal paste applicator tubes from a syringe to a more brush-like alternative because it was "getting tired of having to explain [to] parents that their kid isn't using drugs."

You read that right. Cooler Master altered the design of its product because parents, for some reason, saw the tubes lying around and concluded that their kids must be shooting up thermal paste.

We're not sure if Cooler Master is joking with this tweet. It seems pretty likely due to the ridiculousness of the claim (and it's an amusing joke if so), but that would imply that the rest of their tweet is serious – the bit about the new design making thermal paste easier to apply, to be specific. If the company does feel that way, we can point toward plenty of PC enthusiasts that might disagree.

The classic wisdom for thermal paste application has always been to put a pea-sized dot in the middle, and leave it be. You don't need to spread thermal paste around your CPU like butter on toast, and indeed, applying too much of the substance can even be counterproductive. Cooler Master should know this better than anyone, in theory, but who knows? Perhaps the new look is secretly pure genius, and maybe other thermal paste makers will be quick to copy it. Time will tell.

Regardless, only a few of Cooler Master's thermal paste tubes appear to have received this new design: the Mastergel, Mastergel Pro, and Mastergel Maker. All of the company's other "thermal grease" products are untouched for now.