Facepalm: At this point, it would be weird if a Windows 10 update didn't cause major issues, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. The latest cumulative update has resulted in performance slowdown, boot failures, and a host of other problems for some users.

Released on March 12, the KB4551762 update comes after a security vulnerability in SMBv3 was prematurely leaked online. Microsoft says the latest release "updates a Microsoft Server Message Block 3.1.1 protocol issue that provides shared access to files and printers."

Windows Latest reports that while KB4551762 is an important update that includes all fixes from the previous releases, it's yet another Microsoft update that can cause more problems than it corrects.

According to user comments on Microsoft's forums, Feedback Hub, and Reddit, the update has resulted in system crashes, including a black screen with "spinning circles/dots." There have also been incidents of the update failing to install, massive system slowdowns, BSOD, audio problems, apps not starting, and more. Most people have fixed the issues by simply uninstalling the patch.

While the worst problems seem only to be affecting a smaller number of users, the installation issues are more widespread.

Microsoft is no stranger to releasing updates that cause problems. We've seen patches that don't work, plenty that break something else, and fixes to correct previous fixes.

Despite the operating system's problems, Windows 10 has finally reached Microsoft's goal of running on one billion devices, although it missed the original forecast by about 20 months.