In brief: Tesla is not the only company with plans to release an all-electric pickup truck, though it certainly has a head start. Ford is working on its own electrified F-150 as confirmed today by company COO Jim Farley. The release window for the vehicle: it will enter full production by mid-2022.

It's no wonder that Ford has chosen the F-150 as its first all-electric pickup truck – the vehicle is one of the most popular in the United States and it consistently ranks highly in "best pickup truck" round-ups throughout the web. This is primarily thanks to its reasonably comfortable interior, towing potential, and long-term reliability.

We have no idea how the F-150's all-electric model will stack up against its ICE counterparts when it releases, but Ford will likely try to preserve as many of its capabilities as possible. After all, if the carmaker expects F-150 fans to buy into an EV variant, it needs to offer a comparable experience.

With that said, we have no reason to doubt Ford's abilities at the moment. In mid-2019, the company released a 5-minute video of its electric F-150 prototype, which allegedly shows the vehicle towing over 1 million pounds of weight – you can see that above.

If that video is accurate, pickup truck drivers will likely be pleased with the EV's performance, though we'll need to see range details to say for sure.

Ford will officially unveil its all-electric F-150 next month, so we probably won't have to wait long to find out what sort of specs it will pack and how much it will cost. In addition to the F-150, Ford also plans to release an all-electric Transit van by mid-2022.