Forward-looking: We've been hearing about the redesigned Windows 10 Start Menu for some time. Now, Microsoft has given us another look at what we can expect. It's not a huge change, but it definitely looks sleeker.

Earlier this year, we heard rumors that Microsoft would be killing off Live Tiles in Windows 10's Start Menu. The feature continuously pulls information in real-time from the likes of Mail, Spotify, and news and weather applications, but it hasn't received much support from Microsoft recently, and more third-party app makers have dropped their support.

In March, Microsoft said it is "exploring" a new direction for the Start Menu, confirming that the Live Tiles feature wasn't going away. It also showed off images of the redesign it's considering, which includes app icons in translucent blocks.

The new Start Menu, which is expected to arrive next year, will have Live Tiles with a background that matches users' light or dark themes. In a Microsoft 365 Facebook post (via Windows Latest), the company shared the latest images of the revamp.

We see that the Live Tiles are switched off, but rather than showing a solid block of color, they use the Fluent Design icons with the translucent backgrounds we saw earlier this year.

The images also show how app icons on the left of the Start Menu are no longer placed inside blocks; instead, they sit next to their names.

We don't know exactly when Microsoft will add the new Start Menu, beyond the 'sometime in 2021' guess. What do you think of the updated design? Should Microsoft have gone further, or do you prefer things the way they are?