What just happened? Sheng-Chang "Charles" Chiang, president and CEO of Taiwanese technology company Micro-Star International (MSI), reportedly fell from a building to his death earlier today. The circumstances behind the fall aren't known at this hour as police are conducting an investigation according to a Google translation of a story originally published by ET Today.

Per the report, Chiang had taken over as MSI CEO in January 2019. According to TechPowerUp, he was responsible for overseeing MSI's recent turnaround in the desktop hardware space. Guru3D notes that Chiang graduated from the Institute of Electronics, Jiao Tong University, and had "previously served as Yangzhi Technology Associate and General Manager of MSI Desktop Platform Business Division."

Unfortunately, the Google translation of the ET Today article is spotty at best. As a breaking story, there just isn't much else to go on as of the time of this writing and MSI has not issued a statement as of press time. A rep for the company reportedly told Tom's Hardware that they will be issuing a statement later today.

That said, the situation certainly merits further investigation as this isn't the first time a person in the tech sector has fallen from a building in the region.

Our thoughts are with the family of Chiang and all of those affected by the matter at MSI.

Image credit: Sergiy Palamarchuk