In context: Facebook's latest all-in-one VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2, is undoubtedly an improvement over its predecessor. It has an updated design, a better display, and it's noticeably lighter – all significant positives for a second-gen device.

Apparently, those improvements are translating directly to better sales. Compared to the original Oculus Quest, Facebook is seeing a positively massive launch: one dev studio, Rec Room, says that, based on its own data, the Oculus Quest 2's launch is a whopping 250 percent larger than the original.

While Facebook's own Chris Pruett did not confirm any exact figures in a recent interview with Protocol, he did say that the company "really couldn't be happier" with the headset's success so far.

"The device is selling quite well," he claims, adding that unit shipments are "maybe a little beyond" what the company expected. Notably, the Quest 2 is also selling faster than its predecessor, which seems to suggest that Facebook's marketing efforts – including unskippable ads for the device in titles like NBA 2K – have paid off.

It seems past controversies surrounding Facebook and the Oculus Quest haven't been enough to affect its overall sales figures. For those who aren't aware, the social media giant in August announced that Oculus headset owners would require a linked Facebook account in order to use the devices; a move that sparked quite a bit of criticism from the VR community.

If you don't mind that policy and want to see what all of the fuss surrounding the Oculus Quest 2 is about, you can snag your own unit now for $300 via the Oculus website.

Middle image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun