Freebie: If you've been steering clear of Battlefront 2 due to the microtransaction controversy that surrounded it on launch, now might be your chance to give it a try. The game is pretty entertaining these days, by all accounts, and you can snag its Celebration Edition for the low, low price of $0 on the Epic Games Store now.

We don't know what sort of deal Epic had to strike with EA to convince the publisher to give away one of its more popular Star Wars games for free, but we certainly won't be complaining. The Celebration Edition would normally run you a whopping $40, so this is one of Epic's better freebies.

The Celebration Edition includes the base Battlefront 2 experience, as well as all of the cosmetic content released up to December 20, 2019, right from the get-go.

You won't have to unlock any skins whatsoever, through in-game currency or otherwise. Content that affects progression, such as Battlefront 2's once-notorious "Star Cards" (these give heroes access to new or buffed abilities), will still need to be earned in-game, however.

Battlefront 2, for the unaware, is a team-based shooter that lets players duke it out across a variety of Star Wars-themed battlefields. You'll need to pick a class and work together with your allies to capture control points, extract payloads, or simply eliminate the opposing team.

The longer you last in a match, the more points you'll earn, eventually allowing you to take control of a powerful and iconic Star Wars hero for one life -- examples include Boba Fett, the Emperor, and Anakin Skywalker. If all of that sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to grab Epic's latest freebie sometime before January 21, which is when the deal ends.