Cool (pun intended): The first thing that most people want to do after receiving their extremely hard-to-get PlayStation 5 is hook it up and try it out. Modding Cafe had another idea for its unboxing. The Vietnamese modding team had a plan from the start to rig up the world's first water-cooled PS5.

Modding Cafe started its project by completely disassembling the PS5. Pretty much everything not soldered to the motherboard went in the trash bin. Then the team designed a custom Mini-ITX chassis and water block.

"It take a long time [sic]," the designers remarked about the CAD process.

Although Sony insisted that liquid metal was necessary to maximize heat transfer in the PS5's design, Modding Cafe ditched the liquid metal (staining its workbench in the process) and used standard PC thermal paste. The overall final chassis ended up being significantly smaller than the stock PS5 since they were able to trade-in that huge 120x45mm fan and gigantic heatsinks for two lower profile fans.

Adding some wickedly altered faceplates and some LED accents gave the final design a look wildly different from Sony's concept. Best of all, the water cooling not only worked but also ran quieter for obvious reasons.

If you have some skills, Modding Cafe's start-to-finish video (above) can get you started on creating your own water-cooled design. The rest of us, will have to wait until the team releases the commercial kit it has in the works.