Go figure: If you still have not been able to score a PlayStation 5, Sony says, "That's okay. Buy a DualSense controller instead." It just revealed two new colors for the next-gen controller. I guess they don't require as many hard-to-get components as the consoles. You can pre-order today or wait until next month. Either way, you'll have it waiting for whenever you finally get a console.

Sony announced that it has two new DualSense controllers coming for the PlayStation 5. The design is the same but in different colors---Midnight Black and Cosmic Red.

"Explore new gaming frontiers and ignite your gaming nights with two new galaxy-inspired DualSense wireless controller colors."

The black DualSense looks a lot like most of Sony's previous controllers. Sony obviously chose the white-and-black color scheme of the standard gamepad to match the PS5's design. The all-black gamepad might look a little bit strange while sitting next to the console, but third-party vendor Darkplates already has "outlawed" black replacement faceplates for the PS5 for those who like the more classic look.

The red controller looks incredibly slick. It's a two-tone design like the standard gamepad, and the deep-red matte finish contrasts nicely with the black. Unfortunately, I could not find any custom PS5 faceplates that matched the shade of red Sony chose.

The Midnight Black DualSense sells for the same price as the standard ($70), but the Cosmic Red is $75. Customers can pre-order through PlayStation Direct or Amazon starting today. PS Direct offers free shipping. Amazon does too, but only with a Prime membership. Orders ship on June 18, the same day the hit stores.