What just happened? There have been plenty of signs that more PlayStation exclusives will soon land on PC, and we now know what to expect next: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The reveal appeared in Sony's Games and Network Services slides from its "Investor Relations" day under a section named "More PC releases planned."

The slide reveals Sony's plans for "New Growth Vectors," highlighting current PC games Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone and how the platform can "create new fans for our IP." What's interesting is the inclusion of Uncharted 4, which Sony has never previously mentioned is coming to the platform.

The Japanese gaming giant has on several occasions said that it would be adding more first-party titles to the PC, including Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan talking about exposing its games to a wider audience.

Hints that the next PS games are on their way arrived when PlayStation Studios' Steam page launched and listed fewer items than are available on the service, suggesting the company has already uploaded hidden pages ready for future Steam releases. Could one of them be the excellent Uncharted 4? It's looking likely.

Sony is streaming a State of Play event (top) later today that includes 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. It's a 20-minute stream, so it's possible that Uncharted 4's PC version will be unveiled at some point during proceedings. Even if there's no mention of Nathan Drake, expect to hear more soon.