Why it matters: A spoonful of peanut butter. A good scare. Breathing into a paper bag. They're all home remedies that claim to cure hiccups, but now there's a dedicated device that reportedly does the deed instantly and effectively.

The HiccAway is a purpose-built straw that claims to get rid of hiccups instantly. It was designed by Dr. Ali Seifi, director of the neuroscience intensive care unit at the University of Texas, to help patients recovering from neurological injuries manage hiccups (apparently hiccups are common with brain injuries).

After years of trying to simplify a method to cure the condition, Dr. Seifi came up with the HiccAway.

To use it, simply put the cap on the desired setting (child or adult) and place the straw into a glass of water that is less than half full. Then, forcibly sip from the mouthpiece and immediate swallow, in one breath. Repeat this process two to three times and voila, your hiccups should be gone.

According to Dr. Seifi, the straw generates enough pressure while sipping to lower the diaphragm and simultaneously activates the leaf-shaped flap in the throat, the epiglottis. This stimulates two key nerves, the phrenic and the vagus nerves, which are responsible for the hiccups and allows the brain to "reset" to stop the hiccups.

The HiccAway is available to order starting at $14.

What's your go-to home remedy, and how effective would you say it is at getting rid of your hiccups?

Image credit TungCheung