In brief: Newegg has rolled out a new option as part of its PC Builder configuration platform in which the company's in-house team will assemble your newly purchased hardware into a finished desktop before shipping it your way.

For an additional $99.99, Newegg's ENIAC Assembly Service will build your rig and submit it to "quality control methods and rigorous testing onsite." Processing time is seven to 10 business days, and every build is covered under Newegg's standard return policy.

While most PC enthusiasts shopping at Newegg likely prefer to build their own rigs, the retailer has identified a subset of customers that don't fall into this category for various reasons. Perhaps someone is just now getting into computers and doesn't have the experience needed to assemble their own rig, or maybe a company is configuring a fleet of systems and doesn't have the time or resources to assemble everything.

The ENIAC team can turn out more than 1,000 builds per day, so there shouldn't be any significant delays in processing time, assuming everything you purchase is currently in stock.

One potentially questionable practice involves what Newegg calls a "hot item," or in-demand item. According to Newegg's FAQ, these items can only be purchased with the PC Builder Assembly Service, potentially locking them behind a "paywall" or sorts. Here's Newegg's full explanation of hot items:

Products considered in-demand or a "hot item" product with limited supply can only be purchased with PC Builder Assembly Service or you cannot go through the checkout process. Hot items will not be the same throughout the day, this depends on the market.

To qualify for assembly service with your hot item, just add the following components to your build: CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Video Card, Case, Power Supply.