In brief: In attempting to pinpoint the root cause of the issue, he noticed that when pressure was applied near the analogue stick (by pressing down on the case with his fingers), the drift went away. As soon as the pressure was released, the drift returned. So, he devised an incredibly simple fix - open up the controller and insert a small piece of paper (at least 1mm thick) between the back of the analogue stick enclosure and the outer shell.

Joy-Con drift has been a major thorn in the side of Nintendo's Switch campaign for years, and more recent releases like the Switch Lite and upcoming OLED Switch haven't addressed the matter. According to one YouTuber, however, the issue can easily be remedied with a piece of paper.

VK's Channel recently published a video highlighting the issue and the steps he has identified to fix the problem.

Apparently, the paper fills a gap that can form over time due to use. It essentially mimics pressing down on the controller, thus eliminating the drift. Could it really be that simple?

VK's Channels claims the fix has been working for two months now without a single issue.

Of course, opening your Joy-Con - even if just to insert a small piece of paper - will likely void any warranty. Then again, Joy-Cons aren't super expensive, and if you are already experiencing drift, it could be worth the gamble to fix it. Or, you could just send it to Nintendo.

Image courtesy Wachiwit