In brief: Power supplies are a core component of every desktop build, but they generally aren't all that stirring. Aside from amenities like modular cables, RGB lighting and high efficiency ratings, there's not really much to get excited about. Gigabyte, however, wants to change that.

The company's new Aorus P1200W 80+ Platinum modular power supply is an 80 PLUS certified unit (92 percent efficiency at 50 percent load) with a fully modular design that packs 100 percent Japanese capacitors, a single +12V rail and a 140mm smart double ball bearing cooling fan that can spin in reverse at high speeds to blow dust out the back of your computer.

It measures 86mm (3.39 inches) x 150mm (5.91 inches) x 160mm (6.30 inches) and will be backed by a 10-year warranty.

The unit's standout feature, however, is a side-mounted color LCD screen that can display the health status of the power supply as well as "various texts, pictures, GIFs and MP4." That's right, the PSU can play video files.

Gigabyte was short on details, so we don't yet know key specs like the screen's size or resolution, or even how much the PSU will cost or when it'll be available. More importantly, will you be able to play Doom on it?