The big picture: Warner Bros. Pictures is ready to take fans back to where it all started, and the path begins today with the premiere of the first official trailer for The Matrix Resurrections. There are plenty of throwbacks and Easter eggs weaved into the trailer for fans to discover as well, if you're into that sort of thing.

The fourth film in the groundbreaking franchise sees Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity. The trailer opens with Thomas Anderson, aka Neo, visiting a therapist played by Neil Patrick Harris. He recalls having dreams that "weren't just dreams" and asks if he is crazy. Neo seemingly doesn't remember his past, but it may be coming back to him in these "dreams."

Neo and Trinity also don't seem to remember each other, but get the feeling that they've met before.

Compelling storylines aside, the trailer impresses with the sort of mind-bending action sequences that we've come to expect from the franchise. The first film in the series, which premiered way back in 1999, popularized the "bullet time" effect that countless other films and video games have since utilized.

The Matrix Resurrections lands in theaters and on HBO Max for ad-free subscribers on December 22, 2021. It's the last movie that'll simultaneously premiere on the streaming service before Warner Bros. reverts back to its theater-first strategy.

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