WTF?! You can add the word "gaming" before pretty much any product these days and sell it as a way of raising your kill to death ratio. While not offering any promises about making you better at games, the latest bewildering product to enter this category is the Gaming Mattress, which, other than being pretty thin, really doesn't look all that different from most mattresses.

Famitsu (via Kotaku) writes that the mattress, available in Japan, is of the slightly firm foam variety, and it provides the support one needs after gaming for so long that your buttocks become numb. That does sound enticing to those who sleep on a concrete floor every night. For the rest of us who already slumber on beds that do the same job, it's not exactly selling the mattress as a must-buy item.

The Gaming Mattress comes from Japanese company Bauhutte, who tapped mattress maker Nishikawa for its creation. It's noted that there are slits in the foam throughout the mattress to offer varying degrees of support, which sounds nice.

From Bauhutte's point of view, it probably sees its Gaming Mattress as the ideal accompaniment to the Gaming Bed it makes. Though, even that is just a regular bed with several of the company's items placed around the outside, including its bed side-board and side table. But at least you can now buy an official mattress to lie on as you game for 22 hours per day while developing muscular atrophy.

The lack of a pull-out bedpan is disappointing

If for some reason you are interested in this mattress, it costs between 28,500 yen ($256) and 43,500 yen ($391) and comes in single, semi-double, and double sizes.

Not surprisingly, many are questioning why the mattress warrants the "gaming" designation. The cover can be removed and cleaned---could that be gamified in some way? Maybe making it a water bed and filling it with Monster would have been more stereotypically apt. At least add some iCue-compatible RGB. Still, it's better than Puma's $105 gaming socks, which come with three different "modes."