Facepalm: Remember when we were all looking forward to GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition and Battlefield 2042? Those heady days seem far away now; we all know the problems with Rockstar's game, and the latest Battlefield has become one of the worst-rated titles of all time on Steam.

Forbes spotted Battlefield 2042's unwelcome addition to the Steam250 Hall of Shame, which lists the worst-rated games on the platform as ranked by users. At the time of writing, DICE's multiplayer shooter is ninth on the list (it had been eighth), with only around 25% of people deciding it warranted a positive vote.

Battlefield 2042 has more user reviews than any other game in the Steam250 list of failures. Of its near 36,000 reviews, fewer than 10,000 of them are positive, giving it a "Mostly Negative" rating.

Why so much hate? There are a number of reasons: crashes, server issues, poor performance, broken vehicles, wandering bullets, and much more. There are also complaints about the lack of features, such as a single-player campaign, server browser, class-based system, scoreboard, in-game profile, stats page, scalable maps, different game modes, etc.

DICE has already rolled out one patch ahead of time to try and address some of BF2042's issues, with two more updates set to arrive in the next month or so. Whether they will be enough to placate angry fans remains to be seen.

DICE might take some solace in the fact that Battlefield 2042's Metascore user rating of 2.3 is still better than the 0.5---the worst in the site's history---that GTA: The Trilogy has earned. On Steam, meanwhile, BF2042 remains better reviewed than the platform's number one worst game: the excruciatingly bad eFootball 2022.