In brief: After multiple manufacturers launched their own PlayStation 5 faceplates, and a few lawsuits filed by the Japanese gaming company, Sony has finally announced that it will launch PS5 covers in various colors. In addition, it also revealed there will be new DualSense color variants.

Faceplates for the PlayStation 5 became available soon after Sony released the console, but the company wasn't pleased to see others cashing in on it. To prevent these unlicensed plates from being sold, Sony filed lawsuits against some of them including PlateStation5 and Dbrand. However, the latter found a way to circumvent the situation by redesigning its covers.

Now, Sony is launching its official faceplates for both the original and digital edition PlayStation 5 in galaxy-inspired colors. These colors include red, blue, purple, pink, and black, and each set will cost you $55.

Like the unofficial faceplates, the new Sony covers easily replace the stock versions. The red and black faceplates will be available on Sony's online store from January 21, 2022, while the others are expected to launch in the second half of 2022.

Adding to the existing DualSense portfolio, which includes the original white, red, and black color variant, Sony is also launching its controller in blue, pink, and purple. The new color variants will be globally available starting January 14, 2022, for $75.

The first hint Sony would be launching official covers for the PlayStation was found less than a month ago when Sony's "Cover for electronic device" patent was discovered. Back then, it was unclear if it would be an actual plate or just a skin to cover the faceplates, but we're now sure it's the former.