The big picture: Tesla again managed to set a new record for vehicle production and deliveries in a single quarter despite the ongoing pandemic and resulting component shortages. The automaker came dangerously close to delivering one million vehicles for the full year but narrowly missed the mark. Will 2022 by the year Tesla finally achieves the milestone?

Tesla in the fourth quarter of 2021 produced 13,109 Model S and Model X vehicles as well as 292,731 Model 3 and Model Y variants for a combined 305,840 vehicles. That represents an increase of 28.6 percent compared to the 237,823 EVs that rolled off the assembly line in the third quarter.

Deliveries in Q4 totaled 308,600 units, of which 296,850 were either Model 3 or Model Y variants. The remaining 11,750 consisted of Model S or Model X EVs.

For the full year, Tesla produced 930,422 vehicles and delivered 936,172 cars and SUVs. A vehicle is only marked as delivered when it is transferred to its owner and all paperwork is correct.

Share value in Tesla is up more than nine percent on the day. As of writing, a single share is trading hands for $1,153.30.

Tesla made big moves in 2021 and is poised to continue that trend this year. In October, the company said it was moving its headquarters from California to Austin, Texas. The EV maker's pickup truck, the Cybertruck, is expected to enter production by the end of the year and will pave the way for the second-gen Roadster sometime in 2023.