In a nutshell: Zelda fans looking forward to getting their hands on the Breath of the Wild sequel this year will be sorely disappointed by Nintendo's latest announcement. Series producer Eiji Aonuma said the game, which was originally targeting a 2022 release, has been moved back to spring 2023.

This will give the team more time to finish developing the game and with any luck, avoid some of the launch day disasters we've seen from other games in recent memory.

Nintendo at E3 2019 shared a first look trailer for its untitled BotW sequel. A short gameplay sequel would follow at E3 2021 but both teasers left gamers with more questions than answers. Namely, Link appears to have some sort of control over the flow of time. Some also believe Nintendo injected hidden messages into the trailers through the use of reverse audio.

Aonuma in his latest message reiterated that the game's action will take place both on land and in the skies above. It also promises to deliver fresh encounters and new gameplay elements.

Perhaps we'll get another look at the in-development game at E3 2022. In the meantime, feel free to check out Nintendo's three-part documentary on the making of the original Breath of the Wild. There's also still time to try the fan-made native PC port of Ocarina of Time and even more time to sit around and daydream about a Legend of Zelda Maker-style game.