Why it matters: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced the completion of the Bungie acquisition on Friday, officially making them part of the gaming industry's great shakeup. Originally announced in January, the $3.6 billion acquisition gives Sony complete access to Bungie's resources, player base, and their already established ability to support multiple gaming platforms. Despite the acquisition, Bungie says they will retain creative license and continue designing and publishing their own games and content.

The completed acquisition throws SIE and Bungie into the ring with several other major industry acquisitions including Microsoft and Activision, Microsoft and Zenimax, and Take-Two Interactive's acquisition of Zynga. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons sees the acquisition as a big step forward, a sentiment seemingly echoed by Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios.

During the acquisition, fans of Destiny 2 and other Bungie-based titles were assured they had nothing to fear. Bungie will remain an independent subsidiary of SIE and won't be forced to drive Destiny or other titles into the dreaded "platform exclusive" category. Instead, Sony intends to leverage their newly acquired capabilities to enhance their own multi-platform offerings.

The company also claims it isn't anywhere near finished making moves into the PC and mobile gaming spaces. According to their annual investor day presentations, Sony anticipates that roughly 50 percent of their releases will be available via PC or mobile by 2025.