Reviewers Liked

  • Newgen kit lens is great to work with, Touchscreen is very responsive, 360degree titltable screen
  • Excellent image quality, 9 crosstype AF points, Stereo microphones, Builtin touchscreen, Multishot modes, Improved kit lens, Even more affordable
  • Good still and video image quality, 5 fps continuous shooting rate, Quick write speed with appropriately high performance memory media, Light and compact
  • Fast to start and shoot. Sharp, articulated touch-screen LCD. Compact. Nearly silent video autofocus when used with STM lenses. 4fps shooting. Good image detail at high ISOs. Fast autofocus
  • Responsive and wellimplemented touchscreen; Light body; Fast AF system; Effective Auto Lighting Optimizer; Noise control; good video capture
  • Comprehensive touchscreen interface that is intuitive and efficient, High image quality with good balance between detail and noise reduction in JPEG output, Good subject tracking AF in viewfinder shooting mode (compared to mirrorless competition), 5 fps with ample buffering in JPEG-only mode, Very responsive operation, with menu access available even when buffer is full, Good-looking video outp

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lens takes time to focus in video mode, Optimisation issues, Not too much difference over its predecessor, Expensive
  • Littlechanged from the earlier T4i, Slow Live View and video autofocus, High ISO performance is unimproved, Belowaverage battery life, No dedicated AF illuminator
  • Lacks weather sealing of one direct competitor, 95% viewfinder coverage makes precise image framing problematic, Seems to clip highlights a bit more than competition
  • Small pentamirror viewfinder. Very limited burst shooting in Raw mode. Video autofocus is choppy with non-STM lenses
  • Can feel a little plasticky in places; Not suited to action photography with limited AF points for tracking and a small buffer
  • Slow 'hybrid AF' performance in live view and video modes (compared to mirrorless competition), Slightly higher noise levels than its peers, Default dynamic range lags a bit behind its peers, Using flash with Auto ISO enabled results in ISO 400 even in bright light conditions, Cannot configure common live view and movie mode options independently, AF illuminator integrated into flash (must have