Reviewers Liked

  • Uniquely versatile 30x (24mm to 720mm) optical superzoom lens, Manual zoom ring, Lots of external controls, Sensor-shift image stabilization, Lightweight, digital SLR-like build, Jam-packed with sophisticated automated features, Excellent 1080p HD vide
  • Long zoom, Motion Panorama, freeangle LCD, HD video modes
  • Great feature set; excellent dSLR-like controls

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Image quality could have been better, zoom adjustment is not smooth and causes camera shake while video recording, manual focus adjustment ring is too cramped, excessively sensitive proximity sensor for viewfinder, flash does not open automatically when n
  • Slow shot-to-shot time, Slow autofocus, Mode switching and UI can be sluggish, EVF/LCD Auto switching is slow and might make you miss a shot, Image quality not on par with similarly priced digital SLRs, High-speed 10fps shooting only allows 7 frame JPE
  • Viewfinder, menu, Raw compatibility
  • Sometimes imprecise autofocus, Pro Lowlight mode not very effective, 1080p video bitrate could be higher; motion blur, Still an insistence on proprietary USB out, Odd choice of AA batteries for power
  • Poor photo quality above ISO 400; mixed shooting performance
  • Bad chromatic aberration from lens, Pale colours in natural light, Soft images, Bad lens flare