Reviewers Liked

  • Great speed performance, Exceptional low light/high ISO performance, Excellent image quality, Sophisticated feature set
  • A solid workhorse that really delivers the results. High ISO is stunning, as is the focus system, and everything else is a bonus
  • High quality photos, Incredible lowlight capability for video or stills, Excellent build quality
  • Unmatched image quality at high ISO settings. Incredibly efficient sensor. A new benchmark, Excellent AF and metering performance, Compatible with virtually all Nikon AF lenses, and most MF lenses (up to 9 AI spec or later manual focus lenses can be prog
  • Incredible high ISO performance; improves upon an already excellent DSLR; loads of features
  • Image quality, Low light performance, Inspirational to use, Handling

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • "Only" 12 megapixels (may or may not matter to some photographers), HD video is "only" 720p, Learning curve and somewhat confusing Custom Setting menu system
  • Movie mode could do more, price is limiting
  • Video autofocus is loud and slow, HD video in 720p 24fps only, Low video resolutions
  • White balance isn't brilliant in artificial lighting (but few cameras shine in this respect), AF array is smaller (as a proportion of viewfinder area) than D300S, which makes swapping between cameras awkward in some shooting situations, Vertical AF-ON
  • No 1080p video recording
  • Price, Not much else