Reviewers Liked

  • Great image quality with 16.1 megapixel sensor, Fast, accurate autofocus, Flipup 3inch LCD allows for self portraits, 8 fps maximum burst mode, Easy to operate controls with goodlooking metal accents and buttons, More than 30 lenses to choose from in the
  • Fast autofocusing system, Takes very good photos, Tilting screen for angled shots or selfportraits, Special effects and filters allow you to take fun pictures
  • Impressive results from the Micro Four Thirds sensor, fast single AF acquisition, decent metal finish
  • Great image quality up to ISO 1600, Fast focusing, Excellent feel in the hands thanks in part to the large tilting LCD screen, Removeable/Interchangeable grips, Excellent battery life
  • Tilting rear display. Optional EVF available. Removable front grip. In-camera art filters. Sharp kit lens. Good high ISO performance. Fast shot-to-shot and focus times
  • Very low image noise, Reliable metering, Good whitebalance, Quick shottoshot speed, Fast contrastdetect AF, Short shutterlag, Generally responsive, Effective builtin stabilization, Excellent automatic Manual Focus Assist, High level of customization, Olym

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Requires an adapter for external mic (that uses up the accessory port), No builtin flash (separate flash included in the box), Not comfortable for larger hands, No builtin WiFi (relies instead on Toshiba FlashAir card)
  • Requires playing around to learn features and settings, Lens is a bit big on what is otherwise a compact camera, Higher price tag when there's a comparable Olympus camera with similar features
  • Plastic front grip doesn’t match the feel of the rest of the camera, continuous AF and specifically AF Tracking still needs improving, limited Touchscreen functionality
  • No popup flash, High ISO pixel smudging
  • No built-in flash
  • IS not as good as some optical systems, AF hesitant in movie modes, 16:9 screen ill-suited to 4:3 stills, No WiFi or GPS accessories
  • Poor color accuracy, Focus hunts in low light, Long blackout, Display not always ExposurePriority, Low contrast LCD, Modal EC interface, ½s Video record delay, Uncomfortable strap eyelets, Flimsy battery and memory door