Reviewers Liked

  • Very good GPS antenna, Produces rich vibrant photos, Beautiful AMOLED screen, SMART Auto really is smart!, Good battery life
  • GPS turns on easily with a switch on top of the camera. Displays current city, state and country on LCD in shooting mode. Map View will tell you where all the local Starbucks, McDonald's and Bank of America ATMs are
  • Overall good features, design, performance, and photos for its price
  • A full specification, GPS onboard, excellent screen
  • Excellent image quality, Incamera GPS integration with Navteq map service, Very sharp 3inch AMOLED screen, Dual digital/mechanical image stabilization, Largest zoom range of any compact camera

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Small, weak flash, Macro mode is very soft around the edges, Long shutter lag, Poor shot-to-shot times, GPS is difficult to initialize, Extremely slow to start zooming, Slow autofocus, Autofocus often gives up in low light, Lens makes audible noise whi
  • Noisy images in anything other than ideal lighting conditions. Proprietary USB port
  • Short warranty, No burst mode (except for 2 shot burst for blink mode), Blink and face detection don't really work with glasses, ISO 3200 is at best all but useless, Ergonomic issues and TINY buttons, Anemic flash, No SD card included, Photos it produ
  • GPS antenna is placed where you put your forefinger on the camera, potentially blocking the signal. Must download maps from Samsung website and store on memory card in camera to use Map View mode. Slowest GPS camera we tested
  • Mediocre low-light photos; confusing GPS setup; using ASM mode is a pain
  • Some performance issue, inconsistent exposures
  • Dual stabilization only in dedicated mode, Disappointing video and audio capture, A bit bulky and slippery, Confusing menu structure