Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality, Design, Fully Modular Chassis, Meshed Design, Space For Up To 15 Fans Total, Rearrangement Of PSU Spot, Adjustable Drive Orientation, Low Weight, 2 Carrying Handles, 2 SSD Spots
  • Nice looking, Several colors, Silent, Modular, A lot of space
  • Great modular design; "positive air pressure" works
  • Five 120mm Fans, Meshed and Perforated for Great Airflow, Bottom Mounted PSU, Top Handles, Cool New Airmount HDD Mounting System, Two SDD Slots on Bottom, Cool Hardware Tray
  • Modular design, Roomy interior, Unique looks, USB 3.0 front panel support, Capable of holding up to 15 fans
  • Open design for maximum airflow; modular frames allow for top- or bottom-mounted power supply, motherboard; supports up to 15 fans, 11 drives
  • Extremely customizable. Boasts some unique, useful features. Front-panel USB 3.0 port via pass-through cable. Available with three accent colors
  • Superb cooling, Innovative design elements, Configuration options, Rich feature set, Excellent fit and finish, Five speedcontrolled blue LED fans included, Supports up to fifteen fans, Liquid cooling friendly, Relatively quiet, USB 3.0
  • All the tweaking options, Easy installation, Crazy optional cooling

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Price (For Some), Frequent Cleaning
  • No fan filters, PCI, E addon card slots have normal screws
  • Not all fan mounts useful; bit cramped at top; HDD mounts are somewhat scary
  • Pretty Noisy, Motherboard Tray CPU Cooler Hole doesn't fit all Motherboards
  • No way to mount external 3.5” drive bay devices, Cable management can be tricky, Plastic side panels, Some modularity features are not there, such as the ability to mount drives facing the right of the computer
  • Pricey; tool tray is screwed in place; love-it-or-hate-it design; more plastic than we'd like
  • May extend build times. Unique airflow system requires major mental rejiggering. Doesn't allow ultra-crazy configurations. Not tool-free. Fully outfitted system may be loud
  • Expensive (but worth it), A little on the heavy side
  • No dust filters