Reviewers Liked

  • Airflow, LED Lights, Adjustable Door Orientation, ToolLess Design
  • Solid construction and design, Custom exterior lighting system, Lockable storage compartment with USB 3.0, Custom toolless design
  • Looks great, very unique design, Allowance for different colors and modes on the external LEDs, Plenty of room for all your components, Top compartment is great for gadgets and peripherals, Great cooling system and options, Interior cable management
  • Awesome design, The lights!, Great cooling, Tons of room inside, Gamerspecific features, Price
  • Overall build quality should be pretty good, Front USB 3.0 ports, Awesome LED light system, Great cable management options, Quiet, Good tool-free installation mechanisms (except the HDD trays but this should be fixed in the retail version), Integrated fan
  • Competitive price / performance, Boatload of unique features, Embedded dual color LED system in doors & front, Coated plastic for more resilience, Lockable storage included, Grooves to run cables down the front of the case, Front I/O includes USB 3.0 and

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • HDD Trays, Front Door Could Be Better, No USB 3.0 Support, No Rear Exhaust Fan
  • Awkward 140mm fan mount on the back panel (Note: There is a bracket to convert it to 120mm, but it would have been easier to add mounting holes for both 140mm and 120mm fan solutions), Not compatible with internal watercooling systems with dual or trip
  • Very Heavy, Front cable management could use a few improvements, Front door needs a way to stay closed, HDD/Power LEDs are not visible with door closed
  • The grommets on the cable routing holes came off easily, Availability
  • Very heavy, 140mm rear fan not included, has no specific mounting holes to fit 120mm LC solutions, No room for large radiators without modding, Flimsy door hinges, Rubber grommets around the cable management holes come off too easily, Side panels are hard
  • Paint job of door not perfect, a few small areas with less paint, Mainboard hole for backplates is a bit too small, Tooling a bit disadvantagous, hinges of door look a bit ugly, Hard drive trays a bit too flexible, Toolless optical bay system does not hol