Reviewers Liked

  • Well designed
  • No resonance sounds
  • Well priced
  • External SATA slot
  • Lots of working room
  • Good tool-free installation options
  • Plenty of cooling options
  • External HDD bay
  • Stylish design with all-black interior
  • Enough cable management features
  • No sharp edges inside
  • Support for 240mm radiator in top and/or bottom

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The 1200RPM stock cooling may be a bit lacking for more demanding users
  • You can't use standard 80mm fans in the right side panel and VGA bracket, they have to be slim 15mm models
  • Side panels require a lot of force to be removed
  • Not enough dust filters
  • No room for 12inch videocards unless you remove the lower four hard drive bays
  • My mATX Still had to be Removed to Install Cooler