Reviewers Liked

  • Decent performance, Motherboard cutout for easy CPU bracket removal, Budget Price (~$60 CAD)
  • Cable management, Affordable, Sleek style
  • Price, Support for enthusiast videocards, Support for up to 6 fans
  • Quite a bit of room, Looks great, love the design, Installation of system is easy
  • Slots for 6 fans, Water Cooling holes pre-drilled, Filters on air-input areas, ESATA on front panel, Cable routing holes in motherboard plate, PSU mounted on the bottom of the case, Side facing drive bays, Supports 10" video cards, No tools needed for
  • Great at Sucking and Blowing, Sleek design some LED lighting, Great Placement of Front Panel, Modern Design, Server Like Storage, Good Price

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No 2.5" hard drive adapter
  • Not enough fans included
  • Only one fan included, Minimal amount of fan filters included
  • Only comes with one fan installed, Tight fit with large video cards, Not much room to work at top of case
  • PSU Cabling somewhat difficult, Front Panel cables make some drive bays unusable, USB ports on front panel are too close together
  • Fully loading it with fans make it a little noisy