Reviewers Liked

  • Much Better Than Air Cooling, Zero Maintenance, High Quality Components, NonPermiable Rubber Hoses, 1500 – 2500 RPM PWM fans
  • Build Quality, Size, Very Good Cooling Efficiency, Noise Levels, Rubber Tubes (Compared To The TD02), Price (For Some)
  • Solid performance, Exceptional memory clearance, Easy to install, Good build quality, Wellpackaged, Extra screws for slim fans, Neutral color theme
  • Competitive Price, Braided Rubber Tubing, Zero Maintenance, LED Light,  

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Had To Remove MB To Install BackPlate
  • No Pump/Fan Control Software, Plain Looks (Compared To The TD02)
  • Loud, One year warranty, Fails to stand out, Fan PWM range needs tweaking, Blue LED not for everyone
  • Nosier dB levels