Reviewers Liked

  • Very comfortable to wear, Soft earpads, Tangle free cord, Unique looking
  • Comfortable fit, Distinctive Aesthetics, Powerful bass
  • Sound quality: With one minor qualm (more below), the sound quality is really quite good. There's a wide range, good bass, and very rich sound. Listening to songs with the THRONEs reveals subtle details that you'd miss on cheaper headphones, Comfort: Oh G

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Very stiff cord, Ear pieces easily get smudged and covered in fingerprints, Light on treble, Slightly bass heavy
  • Nonremovable cord, Bass emphasis muddies presentation, Unprotective carrying case
  • A hint of fog: The clarity is weird in a very unusual way. It's not as if the sound is particularly muddy per se, but more... foggy? It's like there's a thin piece of paper between the drivers and my ears that just ever so slightly distorts it. However, y