Reviewers Liked

  • Quality construction, aptX and AAC support, Clear sound, Great mic and controls, Comfortable fit
  • The fit and finish of the Sennheiser HD1 headphones is really nice, and they are very comfortable, Bluetooth connectivity is a piece of cake on any number of devices. It takes mere seconds to be rocking with the HD1, The battery life is really longlonger
  • Amazing design in Pink Floyd motif, High quality materials, Easy to pair and setup, Amazing sound, Great active noise canceling, Great battery life, Great Bluetooth range
  • Powerful audio performance with deep bass and bright highs, Classy leather design with red stitching details, Secure, light in-ear fit

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Freehanging earbuds, Leather sticks to the neck, Mids and treble lack clarity
  • The noise cancelation has its place and purpose, but it does suck some of the life out of the midrange, as I mentioned with the No Doubt and Police examples, It would have been really cool to have a USBC power cable, as the current cable forces me to have
  • Pricey and if you can get regular HD1's on Amazon for $349
  • Sculpted sound signature not for those seeking accurate, flat response, Could use more eartip fit options