Reviewers Liked

  • Very good key feel
  • Mac-standard keys and layout, full numeric keypad
  • Special-function F-keys match Apple's keyboards
  • Low profile design with good ergonomics
  • Light-powered battery with long life
  • Wireless
  • Powered by light, so no batteries required, Slim form factor, Wireless USB dongle is plug and play
  • Solar App software is available in App store, Unifying receiver allows you to connect several other Logitech devices to one USB receiver
  • Lovely design
  • Well adapted to the Mac, Comfortable, accurate, quiet typing, Potentially runs for many years; green, Fullsize keyboard layout, Solar App simple but works, Good-looking; small, 'universal' adapter
  • Price is right

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Key spacing frustrating for touch-typists
  • Less customization than prior Logitech keyboards, Price when rated: $60
  • Scissor-style chiclet keys and low-profile design aren't comfortable
  • No Bluetooth