Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent 1080p touchscreen display, Solid keyboard and audio quality, Good battery life
  • Beautiful design, Solid and thoughtful construction, Excellent battery life, Very fast system performance, Capable integrated GPU, Bright and responsive multitouch display, Great keyboard, Spacious touchpad
  • The Dell XPS 12 is a slim rotating-screen hybrid with a high-res display and improved battery life
  • Innovative flipscreen design; More than 9 hours of battery life; Beautiful highres display; Strong performance
  • Slim, powerful, good battery life
  • Beautiful 1080p IPS touchscreen, Elegant design and screen flipping mechanism, Exemplary keyboard, livable touchpad, Solid construction and good use of textured plastic, A great alternative to the XPS 13 or another Ultrabook if you're also in the market f

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Touchpad is still finnicky, Few ports, Cumbersome as a tablet
  • Uncomfortable temperatures when stressed, Could use a third USB port
  • The accelerometer can get confused when flipping the screen around and the fan gets very loud. It also lacks an SD card slot and HDMI output
  • No SD Card slot; Heavy for a tablet
  • Noisy, screen flicker, no HDMI out
  • Battery life is only OK, More fan noise than we'd like, Slightly heavier than some 13inch Ultrabooks on the market despite smaller screen size, Port selection is a little light, and there's no SD card reader