Reviewers Liked

  • Backlit keyboard. Quad-core processor. Blu-ray included. Great user experience. 2 year Costco warranty. Lightweight, for a media center
  • Highend CPU, Bluray drive
  • Blu ray drive, good graphics, 1080p full HD display, Core i7 processor, affordable price
  • Blu-ray; solid graphics; 1080p display; Core i7 processor for affordable price
  • Backlit keyboard. Quad core processor. Good gaming card. Excellent performance scores. Blu-Ray included. Transfer Jet technology built into the palm rest
  • Good performance; Blu-ray drive; backlit keyboard; solid build quality
  • Matte 16:9 Full HD, Good viewing angle, High Brightness, High processor performance, Good performance for games, Clear layout of buttons, Good feedback by the keyboard
  • Fast Core i7 processor, Comfortable backlit keyboard, Full HD display and Blu-ray drive

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Plain design. Basic graphics card for the price. Need bigger battery
  • No high end GPU option
  • Small battery life, speakers are mediocre
  • Less than 2 hours of battery life; mediocre speakers
  • Plain looks. More expensive than its rivals
  • Relatively low-res display; so-so graphics performance; noisy mouse buttons
  • Volume, Irregular cooling fan speed, High heat dissipation, Short running time
  • Relatively weak speakers, TransferJet technology is slow, expensive