Reviewers Liked

  • Wide choice of overclocking options, “Unlimited” BIOS settings, Possible installation of ultra-fast SSDs, Great design and “Armor”, protecting the I/O panel, LED Monitor, recognizing possible hardware errors, Buttons at the very bottom allowing easier con
  • Overclocking, Onboard overclocking controls & switches, Switchable & replaceable dual firmware ICs, Triple M.2 support, Ten SATA ports, Twoway SLI
  • Easy UEFI interface, performance, overclocking, power consumption, price/performance ratio

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lack of Wi-Fi Module, Unable to install more than two NVIDIA video cards
  • Lack of advanced SLI support, Scarcity of other additional controllers expected in the highend market
  • No Conformal Coating