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Need for Speed: Shift 2 - Unleashed

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By on 80

EA has deliberately trodden a carefully balanced path between arcade and sim in this high-octane sequel, which introduces welcome innovations like the helmet cam and night driving while expanding XP rewards, Autolog sharing and live tuning....

By on 70

In true sports game style, Shift 2 forfeits any semblance of a story for the traditional, “You're starting out in this sport, have fun”, plot. The game literally drops you, with no ado, in the seat of a powerful race car and says go. This allows you to...

By Strategy Informer on 80

For many racing game enthusiasts, each of the major brands are defined by their feel, rather than the swathes of licensed content that pepper press releases and official trailers. Perhaps you’re a Forza fanatic, prioritising smooth and graceful turns...

By Pocket-lint on 90

Overall, Forza 3 holds on to its pole position, but for Shift 2 to make the race so close is a real achievement, and a sure sign of exactly how brilliant EA’s new racer...

By New Game Network on 78

Having entered the realm of realism-focused racing with 2009’s Shift, the Need for Speed team has decided to continue this spinoff by dropping NFS altogether and simply naming the sequel Shift 2: Unleashed. The original Shift was a decent attempt by...

By AtomicGamer on 80

I don't know if you've noticed, but the car simulation genre is starting to get a little crowded. PC gamers have been playing the hardest of the hardcore games like iRacing and Live for Speed for years, and the console crowd has been catching up...

By VR-Zone on 81

Shift 2: Unleashed looks and sounds good, though slightly lacking on the impressive scale. Nitpicking on the fine details, we were hoping spectators will react towards a crash instead of standing there like a drone flashing its camera at space. ...

By PC Advisor on 80

An exciting but unforgiving addition to your racing diet.

By Cheat Code Central on 84

Fans of console racing sims have, since 2005, been split into two camps: Forza fans and Gran Turismo fans, each asserting the superiority of his favorite franchise. Sure, there've been a few compelling offerings from the likes of Codemasters and even...

By on 85

Shift 2 Unleashed's a violent and immersive racer that recreates the driving experience like no other game on the market. In doing so it builds well on the first Shift's foundations, benefiting from Slightly Mad Studios' more refined touch and the...

By on 80

Shift 2: Unleashed clearly hasn’t had any of the hype Gran Turismo 5, or even to a lesser degree, Forza Motorsport 3 had. Don’t let that fool you. Shift 2: Unleashed delivers one of the best racing experiences around. By constantly rewarding players...

By 1Up on 81

Among the many accomplishments of Shift 2 Unleashed, there is one that stands out above all others: It made me clench my buttocks. In the spirit of full disclosure, that happened a number of times throughout my Shift 2 career. The first time I was...

By PC Gamer on 81

A bucket of road racing’s best bits. Stick your hand in and you’ll pull out something fun, if you can handle the...

By TechTree on

Expert Review A good part of the Techtree editorial team consists of gamers, and just like the rest of this country, we all unanimously love the racing genre. If you have been a regular in the gaming section, you already know of my love for both and...