Reviewers Liked

  • Superior image quality; long-lasting battery
  • Longlasting battery, Superior image quality
  • Compact pico projector with 640x480-pixel (VGA) resolution; integrated flip stand and tripod included; two integrated half-watt speakers; quiet operation; rechargeable battery delivers up to 4 hours of battery life; LED light source is rated at 20,000
  • Remarkably small, pocket-friendly size. Cool, tactile design. Decent battery life. Good array of connectivity
  • Fits in a shirt pocket. Connects to computers and video sources. Rechargeable battery

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No internal memory or media player; slightly overscans image edges
  • Slightly overscans image edges, No internal memory or media player
  • Adapter cable for Apple video-capable iPods and iPhones is an optional accessory (it isn't included); not terribly bright picture, particularly when you expand the screen size
  • Picture severely lacking in brightness. Barely functional audio
  • Although brighter than the first-generation version, its still not very bright. Audio is barely loud enough to be usable