Reviewers Liked

  • The size, The weight, The amazing picture and color reproduction, The connectivity options, The very functional remote control
  • Very high value (olde 4k projectors started at $3999), 3D supported (this is a big deal), Crisp and beautifully detailed 4K UHD image, Two variants: color accuracy vs brightness, Great lamp life (for a DLP)
  • Sharp 4K resolution that's noticeably better than HD, Accurate colors with minor tweaking, Relatively low price, Compact size
  • Image quality rivals any 4K projector costing much more, Lots of output with superb optics, Accurate color without calibration, Flexible adjustment options, HDR10 and 3D support

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • To be quite honest, I like everything about this projector and it lives up to what it is designed to do
  • HDR10 image is less than ideal, Zoom factor is only 1.2
  • Light bleeding around the image, Contrast and light levels are middling, Fairly noisy at times
  • Could definitely be brighter for handling HDR (like most projectors), Only offers basic placement flexibility, with 1.2:1 zoom and no lens shift, No CFI for smooth motion on sports and other HDTV, Of course the small 5 watt speaker is no substitute for a real sound
  • DCI-P3 color, Better black levels, Faster switching between picture modes and signal formats