Reviewers Liked

  • Bright, accurate image after calibration, WCG and UltraHD support, fully motorized lens makes installation easy
  • Stunning image quality with 4K Enhancement and HDR, Exceptional blacks and accurate colors, Impressive performance for gaming and 4K Blu-Rays
  • Excellent color performance, Full HDR support, Good brightness, Versatile lens controls, Easy to use, Video looks wonderfully crisp, sharp

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Doesn't automatically switch to appropriate picture mode for SDR and HDR content
  • Only One HDMI Port Capable of 4K HDR, The Epson 5040UB projector with 4K enhancement provides a new way to enjoy movies and games on a huge screen, with incredible quality at a stellar price, Learn More at Epson, Buy at Amazon, Buy at Best Buy, This is a
  • No true 4K resolution or even upscaled 4K, No pro installation features of 6040UB twin, HDR could be a bit better, Motion handling doesn't work with resolution upscaling