Reviewers Liked

  • Outstanding picture quality in a sub $4,000 projector, 4K Enhancement technology creates a stunning image that will rival native 4K projectors, Full coverage of the DCIP3 color gamut, ISF certified calibration tools, Granular features for custom installer
  • Superb color performance, Excellent HDR support, Powerful lamp, Great lens controls, Easy to use, Video looks stunning and sharp
  • Crisp “4K Enhanced” picture, Ultra HD and HDR compatible, Impressive 3D performance
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Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Cannot support full DCIP3 color in brightest modes, Black levels aren't quite as deep as other projectors at this price point, Dynamic iris has some noticeable lag, Cannot support HLG HDR, HDR10, or other HDR standards
  • • No true 4K resolution and doesn't even support upscaled 4K
  • HDR controls on the remote, Dolby Vision support
  • Some motor noise with Auto Iris active, High fan noise in certain picture modes