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Audience The One Bookshelf Speaker

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Audience The One speakers and the Audience new low cost high performance OHNO cables set just arrived. Stay tuned for more...

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The Audience ClairAudient One is an extraordinary loudspeaker that delivers sound of far more scale and authority than one would expect -- it would be a big mistake to dismiss it on the basis of size alone. The cleverly designed One seriously challenges...

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I want to congratulate John and the rest of the team at Audience for caring enough to make such a wonderful tiny speaker. I compared them to some small speakers in the review, but in many ways they remind me more of the Quad 57. If you have a space or a...

By Stereophile on

I wouldn't put up with such a complex setup today. For my own purchases, my biases now lean toward simple, three-way, dynamic floorstanding designs for cost-no-object speakers, and two-way, dynamic bookshelf models for affordable speakers. These simpler...